The “Other” Side Of The Sinulog 2014 Grand Parade

This is the side not usually seen on the Internet.
posted on: Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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On the Internet, what people usually see upon typing the word Sinulog on the search box are beautiful and colorful pictures, depicting the way the Cebuanos celebrate the feast of the Child Jesus, lovingly known as Senyor by its devotees. You don’t get to see the people and what they do during that day.

If ever you’d go hungry, you don’t have to fret because lots of vendors sell street food. Yey!

Some figured out that having a henna tattoo is badass, so they went out and got some!

Meanwhile, this henna tattoo artist took a break and attended to his sleeping kid.

The weather was not hot but it was capable of giving you a nasty sunburn. Native hats, anyone?

After they bought the hats, what else could they do? “Picture picture”, of course!

Aside from henna tattoos, people went gaga over colors! They want them all over their body, especially on their faces and hair.

The Sinulog wacky hairstyle for 2014 was Mohawk! I saw a lot of people having that hairstyle but only managed to capture two.

The streets were very crowded when I started to maneuver myself towards the Cebu City Sports Complex. I honestly thought I’d die because of stampede! Seriously!

This foreigner kept his patience as he went through the same ordeal that I experienced. What does the fox have to say about this?

When I was thinking that I was almost going to die, I saw this kid when I looked at the sky. I envied his strategic location. He got the best view for the Sinulog street parade.

At last, after hours of walking, I was able to reach the Cebu City Sports Center. The back portion of the sports complex was like paradise to me! The streets and front portion of the sports complex was filled to the brim.

But did you know that the back portion of the stage got all the action?

I kept walking until I reached the right side of the stage. Then I saw this kid, who played with me.

As the contingents came, they hurriedly carried their backdrops and props…

… as well as their musical instruments.

The dancers also went on their way to the stage feeling a bit anxious.

In case you were not aware, the people in charge of our security, peace and order were not able to eat lunch or have a little snack. Yes, these ROTC dudes were hungry until evening, when the entire Sinulog celebration was done. But they had little consolation…

This beautiful girl somehow lifted their spirits, but only for a while.

Another contingent arrives. The props men  all scrambled to pull the heavy background…



and various stage displays.

Then suddenly, there was a commotion.

Even the people in the grandstand began shouting and standing.

YES! Even the priest in white robes quickly grabbed his smart phone! Mas mabilis pa si Father kaysa sa alas cinco!

What could the reason be? Let’s find out!

It was Ser Chief, Maya, John Lloyd Cruz and Maja Salvador. No wonder the crowd went gaga!

Every celebration has to end and how do the Cebuanos do it? With a bang!

Aside from the fireworks at the Cebu City Sports Center, there were also fireworks in the nearby Crown Regency Hotel.

After all the celebration, we were faced with one massive problem… There were tons of garbage, especially along the parade route.

I want you to use your imagination. This was the number of garbage in one square meter. Multiply it with the size and length of the streets along the parade route. That’s how much garbage is going to flood our streets if we continue to carelessly throw them. Don’t blame the street sweepers if they can’t clean them all!

Is this how we end Sinulog year after year?