The Pain Of Being Away From Your Family This Christmas

It’s hard to be away from home, especially this coming Christmas.
posted on: Friday, December 12, 2014
Eliezer Sanchez
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“Home is where the heart is.” 

Yes, it’s been used a thousand times. It is simply the stripped down truth.


Especially for those who are away from their loved ones, working to give their family a good life. Things get worse in this time of the year, because we Filipinos are so used in “Complete Family”  during Christmas.


The tradition will just make them miss home because our tradition always involves family. The family gathering during noche buena will instantly turn into a feast because everyone is so pumped up. The laughter of those kids surrounding you and the hugs from lolo and lola – everything is just so heartwarming and gives you goosebumps in a good way.


But if you’re away, the imaginative feeling is amplified! And it makes you want to fly instantly straight back home.


Another thing to miss is when the whole family are helping in decorating the house, you can really feel the Christmas vibe. Everyone is so excited to lighten up the house. Who wouldn’t miss that?


Also, those warm bonding moments before, during, and after Misa De Gallo. Waking up early together and walking towards the barrio church. Feeling and understanding the Words of God. And we can’t forget all the scrumptious delicacies just outside the church – steaming hot bibingka, perfect for your tummy in a cold December morning.


Those who are away from their family this Christmas, especially the OFWs, I’m sure they’re itching to go home right at this moment.


With all those things to miss, who would dare skip shopping? It’s not simply the shopping, but the moments of simple talking while strolling, sharing stories.


It’s heartbreaking to be incomplete this coming noche buena, a family member missing. But the burden of pain is not exclusive to those who are away, but also to the ones who are left behind. They feel the same amount of sadness. Missing a mom or dad that will simply say: “It’s okay! There’s always next time,” every time you messed up at something.


Noche buena will never be the same if the family’s not complete. But for the sake of both party, we have to be happy and live life everyday with hope in our pocket and a smile on our face. Besides, the ones who are away are sacrificing  just to give you the comfortable life you wanted.


To all those working hard away from their families, hats off to you guys. You are the real heroes. You’re may be away, but you’ll never be forgotten this Christmas.

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Three Cheers For Christmas!