The Russians Are Coming To Cebu. Are Cebuanos ready for them?

This news will not make you pout nor cry.
posted on: Sunday, February 23, 2014

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Yes! The Russians are coming to town!

According to Armi L. Garcia, Russian Federation Honorary Consul, there will be a bigger influx of Russian tourists in 2014 and Cebu has to prepare for their arrival.

Thankfully, you don’t need to open a bottle of vodka that you have reserved for the upcoming fiesta of your barangay.

Consul Garcia mentioned that what we Cebuanos can do is to pamper them upon their arrival because they have learned about our world-renowned hospitality through their countrymen who already visited Cebu.

Last February 19, 2014, the Department of Tourism and the Russian Consulate of Cebu held a forum called “Meet Russia,” which was aimed to introduce the Russian market to the Philippine tourism industry and vice versa.

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“We are very grateful to the Department of Tourism for their support in this forum and in our efforts to bring in more visitors from Russia,” Garcia shared.

Third from right is Honorary Consul of Russia Armi Garcia and on her right is Mr. Alexey Illuviev, Third Secretary of Russian Embassy. Image courtesy of .

Since a lot of Russians will be visiting Cebu, there is a great need for Filipinos to learn about the culture of the Russians, as well as their language.

So the Department of Tourism and the Russian Consulate decided that they will hold a Russian Language and Culture Course for the tourism industry workers here in Cebu.

“We are at a critical time where we need to improve our competence level in entertaining Russian tourists, whose number will likely balloon as word about our hospitality and our beaches and weather have spread in Russia.

Our tour guides and hotel/resort staff must learn to speak and understand the Russian language, as well as know the culture of the country and its people,” concludes Garcia.

The students will soon be undergoing a basic course of about 60 hours, which will make them understand and speak the Russian language.

This is indeed a cause for celebration!

You wouldn’t mind opening your bottle of vodka, would you?