Summer is around the bend. Time To Grab A Sunglasses. Do You Know What Fits You?

It’s like Facebook; you can stare and watch everybody without them knowing (since you got your sunglasses on!).
posted on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

So sunglasses is one of the awesome accessories a man can have. If you haven’t tried wearing one, well, you should.

Wearing one will make you look cool, your aura of awesomeness will radiate, and your confidence level will be unreachable!

In short, you are in a state of grace (*angels in chorus sound effects here*).

Yes, you’ll get those privileges if you wear one.

However, you won’t look cool if you choose the wrong glasses.

You see, there is the so-called science of selecting the right sunglasses for you, which is most likely under the science of awesomeness.

(Everything has science in it after all.)

So, check out these different types of sunglasses and the shape of the face they fit. Prepare to take notes!

Round guys

Choice of sunglasses:


To add definition to your face (and prevent you from looking like a ball), go for square frames such as wayfarer’s sunglasses.

Oval face guys

Oval face guys are titled “Lord of Sunglasses”. Duh! It’s because almost all frame types suit your face.

Square face guys

Choice of sunglasses:

Your rule: the bigger the better, although those wide cheekbones are perfect for the aviator frame sunglasses. Avoid so much detailed glasses as it will hide those natural jaw lines and perfect cheekbones.

Oblong face guys

Choice of sunglasses:

In order not to make you look like an egg, go for sunglasses whose frames are square. It will give a perfect sense of balance in your face. Tip: choose the larger one.

Diamond-shaped faces

Choice of glasses:

Rectangular frames suits you perfectly well. Those rectangle frames will balance your pointed chin.

Well, which frame do you think is best for you?