These 12 Types Of Boats Really Stood Out During The Sinulog 2014 Fluvial Procession.

You sure can’t help but notice them!
posted on: Monday, January 20, 2014
Chris Wayne Comendador
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It was heartwarming to see the devotion and eagerness of people during the annual Sinulog Fluvial Procession who wanted to get a glimpse of the Sto. Niño’s image on its float. In fact, there were many people who spent the morning traveling with Sto. Niño through the waves. You can see from their faces the fun and excitement they feel joining the procession.

Then there were the boats… Some of them stood out during the annual Fluvial Procession. So we categorized them into 12 types:

1. Your typical bangka

2. The overloaded boat

3. Ooooh…look at that classic tires-on-the-sides ship!

4. The barangayan boat

5. The private speed boat for easy maneuvers.

6. The luxurious yacht

7.  The Fastcraft

8. Big ships at your service!

9. The  on-duty Coast Guard boat

10. This  Navy Ship came in peace.

11. The Sto. Nino Float

12. The not-so-late boat

Danjick Lim

Did you join the fluvial procession? What can you add to this list?