The Things You Missed During The Opening Of Lapu-Lapu City Skate Park

posted on: Monday, November 24, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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It took 9 months to build and now, it’s finally open!


It’s amazing that this is the only publicly funded skate park in the Philippines.

Yes, the WHOLE Philippines!

 The Lapu-Lapu City Skate Park opened last Sunday, November 16 and for those of you who didn’t witness the opening ceremony, I feel bad for you ’cause you just missed half of your life.

Now that’s just a hyperbolic statement – let’s get down to the things you missed.

These guys are the real MVP! They made all of this happen!


Of course you missed the chance to be one of first to grind those railings.

You missed to participate in the skating contest (if you have the balls to join).


Watch some kids who will mop your butt on the floor with their awesome skateboard skills.


HA! Top that noobs!


Some dudes from the other parts of the world.

Gnarly dude!


There were also some roller blades and BMX dudes that showed off their skills too (Didn’t get the BMX photos sorry).



And girls with boards… WITWEW!



Bands that I don’t know if they’re just drunk or that was the way they perform.



Some amazing stories like these one…

by .

And this! Wise words from Dandoy Tongco.

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Finally, you missed this awesome tricks by the pros!

So yeah, I hope that other places in the Philippines will support the youth and their hobbies (not just skating, what about DotA?).

I know it’s far-fetched to wish that all the localities will do the same as what Lapu-lapu City did but if they would then that would be great!