This Cat Fought A Dog To Save A Boy

If you’re not a cat person, then this cat will make you one.
posted on: Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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Cats. They can make an extremely good or extremely bad pet.

They just lie there, chilling and sleeping without a single care in the world.

Some may find them annoying, especially the dog lovers, but they are awesome too, especially when they save their owners.


When a 4-year-old boy was playing with his bike outside the neighborhood, everything seemed so ordinary when suddenly, a dog appeared and started biting the boy and pulling him away.

A few seconds later, the boy’s, pet cat Tara, immediately jumped forward and kicked the dog without hesitation.

The dog, admitting defeat, ran away as Tara chased it.

She then came back and made sure no other dog was around.

The boy sustained bite injuries but fortunately he’s fine and recovering while the dog wasn’t fortunate and is about to be .

If this hero cat couldn’t convince you to own one, then maybe owning a pet isn’t just for you.

What about getting a snake?

What pet do you have?

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