This Lovely Cake Changed These Lovers’ Lives Forever

What was on the cake that made history in the lives of these lovers’?
posted on: Friday, February 28, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

Jef and Hazel’s love story is sweet, literally.

It was Hazel’s birthday, Jef’s girlfriend. Jef invited her for a birthday dinner. Hazel had no idea what was about to happen.

Since Hazel’s a chef, Jef ordered a chef hat shaped cake at Chedz Cake.

This is what Jeff shared to us about what happened during that historic night that changed their lives forever.

“The scheme was to make Hazel believe that this is just going to be one of the adventures I prepared for her. After dinner, I led her to the Sky Coaster where we saw the beautiful city lights of Cebu. Before going down, I told her that we’ll be taking another surprise ride but she’ll have to be blindfolded.”

Hazel with Blindfold

“I went to tie my hanky around her head and led her to the other side of the building where my crew (my brother Brian Sahagun and good friend Jover Alforque, both excellent photographers) and the Sky Adventure staff were waiting to serenade her with a birthday song.

Hazel watching the cake

“Hazel all the while thought that I was gonna propose. However, when I started removing her blindfold and the audience began singing happy birthday, she felt a bit embarrassed for assuming so since the first thing she saw was the cake with the “Happy Birthday Chef Hazel” side facing her.”

Jef, at that time, felt that it was the longest happy birthday song because he had a much bigger surprise for Hazel written at the back of the chef-hat like cake.

Here’s what Jef said:

“I felt very excited at that moment. To my mind, it was the longest happy birthday song being sang but I never wanted it to stop because I do not know how to make my “Will You Marry Me” pitch.”

Hazel surprised Jeff

Hazel and Jeff Photo Op

Hazel had no idea that Jef was going to proposed to her because this was what was written on the cake when it was presented to her:

Happy birthday cake

And then suddenly, Jef knelt down,  slowly turned the cake around and written on the other side were the words:

will you marry me side

Jef didn’t exactly tell us whether Hazel said yes or no but it was obvious because the last phrase in his letter was:

“… the rest is history.

Hazel and Jeff with Cake

Thanks to Chedz Cake for sharing the beautiful proposal story of Jef and Hazel.

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