This Video Will Show You Why Cebu Is The Most Awesome Place To Live

Prepare for a happy ride!
posted on: Friday, June 20, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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Cebu is the most awesome place to live in.


Because well errr, I live here so… anyways check this video created by KaHLiL Studios. They are the guys who also made this cool time lapse .

Prepare for an awesome happy feel trip. Get it? Feel and trip, it’s like field trip but with feel because ah! Never mind.

See Cebu in the perspective of different people – from divers, longboarders to partygoers and of course, the native folks who inhabit this place we call home.

Enjoy the happy feel!

from on Vimeo.

Note from the Producer: The video also features other places than Cebu.