Throwback: 10 Popular Animes We Used To Watch As Kids

Anime is love, anime is life.
posted on: Thursday, December 4, 2014
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Back in the days when video games weren’t still “in”, we would hang out on the couch and watch T.V.. There were educational shows such as Sineskwela and Math Tinik and there were cartoons as well such as Dexter’s Lab and The Powerpuff Girls.

But nothing beats anime, right? Do you still remember when IBC 13 still airs anime?

Here is a partial list of popular animes that made our childhood awesome:

1. Slam Dunk


Who doesn’t know Sakuragi, the self-proclaimed “henyo” of basketball?

Slam Dunk remains one of the best-selling mangas but it’s no surprise really. The characters, especially Hanamichi Sakuragi, are really funny and the story is just well-written. It’s sad that the anime didn’t properly end.


2. Lupin III

Probably the most famous thief, I always burst out laughing when Lupin shouts “BABAYU DEPEKTIV!” every time he escapes from the clutches of Inspector Zenigata. By the way, Goemon is my favorite character.


3. Shaman King


Hao was really scary but Yoh’s fiancée, Anna, was way scarier!


4. Mojacko

I really watched this series from the start of their journey until the epic ending! Good thing Momonja froze when he touched Mojacko’s sister’s hand, haha!


5. Hunter x Hunter

Genei Ryodan, Killua, Kurapika and Hisoka were really awesome! And they rebooted the series! A new Hunter x Hunter anime was aired in 2011 until 2014. Too bad I wasn’t able to watch it ’cause I’m busy. XD


6. Gundam Wing

The first Gundam series I’ve watched! Heero Yuy (that’s how they spell his name?) is really cool and his Gundam too!


7. Voltes V

I heard Marcos banned Voltes V. That’s how awesome the anime is. My father also used to watch this anime so I’m very cool with this!


8. Flame of Recca

Oh the soundtrack! It’s so good that a Bisrock band made a version of it!

Anyway, I would mimic Recca’s finger signs every time he summons a flame dragon. I could still remember some flame dragons like Saiha, Nadare, Homura, the one-eyed dragon, the shield dragon and that dragon who becomes an old guy!


9. Sailor Moon

You know, I’m a guy but I still loved Sailor Moon (NO HOMO), especially during the awesome transformation scenes. My favorite were Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask.


10. Ghost Fighter

It’s actual title is YuYu Hakusho (which means Ghost Files) but GMA decided to name it “Ghost Fighter” since we don’t speak Japanese. Ghost Fighter was one of the most popular animes with memorable characters and villains (Toguro and Sensui anyone?).

Dragon Ball Z

I could not think of any other anime that could beat DBZ when it comes to popularity, so I decided not to put a number on it. Goku is just too awesome – with his planet-destroying techniques and Super Saiyan transformation. It’s no wonder why kids love the series.

This is just a partial list, so don’t worry if your favorite anime isn’t on the list, I’ll add it on part 2!