Throwback: 10 Songs We Don’t Understand The Lyrics But Became Popular

Before Gangnam Style, there was a dance craze everyone was crazy about.
posted on: Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Back in the days when we still listened to songs on the radio and not on Youtube, we sometimes heard a song that sounded so foreign but it was so catchy that it stuck in our mind.

Talking about LSS (Last Song Syndrome).

Lean your body, press the play button, and let the nostalgia surge in you.

10. Magic Carpet Ride [Aringkingking] – Mighty Dub Katz (1996)

9. Butse Kik – Yoyoy Villame

8. Dayang Dayang (unknown singer)

7. Sweet Soul Revue – Pizzicato Five (1993)

6. On ne s’aimera plus jamais – Larusso (1999)

5. Dragostea din tei [Numa numa] – O-Zone (2004)

4. Marimar -Thalia (1994)

3. Qing Fei De Yi – Harlem Yu (2001)

2. Voltes V theme song (1977)

1. Macarena –  Los del Río (1995)

What other songs do you have in mind? Share it!