THROWBACK THURSDAY: 10 Favorite Cebuano Childhood Games (part 2)

posted on: Thursday, May 22, 2014
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Oh, how fast time flies. It still feels like yesterday when we used to play these childhood games with our friends outside.

The air was fresh and playing under the shade of a mango tree made a perfect after-school relaxation.

Now, that most children just spend their day inside their home with handheld games to pass their time, these traditional games are slowly fading away (I bet these kids are sickly without exercise).

So, let’s all get physical and emotional while remembering these games. Just try not to shed tears of nostalgia:

1. Buwan-Buwan

Deviantart, art by blue-fusion

The ‘it’ (hago) will be the Bakunawa and will try to chase other players inside the moon (a circle base) without going inside it. I recommend playing this game on a full moon to make it more exciting.

2. Chinese Garter

Flickr, photo by Jay Lamonera

Why it is called Chinese Garter, I have no idea. Did the garter really ever come from China?

This childhood game is mostly played by girls but boys can play it too.

Players jump over a garter which is held higher after completing a level.

This game is a good way to lose weight. If you’re fat, don’t force yourself on jumping over the higher levels.

3. Dakop-Dakop, post by Arvin Badong

By far, the simplest of all games. Dakop-Dakop (‘Tag’ in English) will test your stamina as you try to chase other players and touch them.

Just make sure you always drink water after every few minutes!

4. Doktor Wakwak

“Doktor Wakwak, tabangi mi!”

You are a doctor named ‘Wakwak’. Turn your back. When you hear them cry for help, you turn around. Now, the players are a mess of human knot. Try to untie them but don’t force them to move, you might break their arms.

5. Inday-Inday/Biko-Biko/Biks-Biks

Inday-Inday/Biko-Biko is our own version of hopscotch while Biks-Biks is a variation of it.

In Biks-Biks, you try to move your pebble by sliding your foot to push it towards the next square.

The most exciting part is when you already have a base.

6. Langit-Lupa

Our own version of Hot lava. The ‘it’ will chase anyone who is on the ground (Lupa). The players will try to stand on objects higher than the ground (Langit).

Players should not stay on one place, it isn’t exciting and would lead to a stalemate.

The ‘it’ might get frustrated and cry.

7. Sungka

Most of our grandparents have this game. It is played like the old cellphone game ‘Bantumi’ and though the mechanics are just simple, this game can be tricky.

Play it with your lola first and try to beat her. If you can beat her, then you’re already a champion.

8. Tago-Tago

Hide-and-seek is perhaps the most common childhood game. You can hide behind anything but don’t go too far or too near (cheaters just immediately ‘save’ after the hago finishes counting).

9. Taksi

Cards (with anime images) were the staple currency during our childhood days and taksi is the most popular game to gamble it. The best way to push out the cards out of the square is to add weight to your tansan by inserting leaf on it.

This game isn’t limited on cards, more hardcore players use actual peso coins.

10. Tsinelasay, photo by Erhu Ianyce Perez

Many slippers have been sacrificed for this game. Anyone who has Islander slippers gains an upper hand in winning.

But don’t worry, you can conspire with other players to push back the Islander player.

The nostalgia in remembering these games must be euphoric.

I just hope these games will still be passed on to the next generation. Traditional games are not just fun, they also make us healthy.

There are many games we played during childhood and this list isn’t enough to put them all.

So, what other games did you play back then?