Throwback Thursday: Know What Was Your #FirstTweet?

Tweet, tweet, hooray!
posted on: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Ten years ago, who would have thought that social media would become as powerful and influential as it it today? Back then, I joined Twitter because my friends told me to open an account.

Now that Twitter wants us to feel nostalgia by taking us back to the words that we encoded in the computer, let’s take a look at what I and some Cebuanos have written for their #FirstTweet.

I was reviewing for my NCLEX examinations so I had no choice but to say something first then stay offline for quite sometime. LOL!

I can totally feel you, X! The call center was a mundane work for me too, but it was a means to an end.

I guess Rodel was making sure that Twitter really worked at his first try. LOL!

Searching for the artistic side inside of you, Wayne?

Make sure to follow @cutieshankybaby Kevin so that “dili mingaw” imong account. LOL!

Sir Jonji is still doing this up to this very day.

Good to know that you feel a bit ecstatic during this time, Kareen!

I guess Fritz was overwhelmed.

Hahahaha! Don’t worry, Marco! You are not alone! I am a fan of Betty La Fea, too!

Sounds like Mark sent an SMS on Twitter? Hehehe!

I’m pretty sure your friend was so happy, Angeli!

Kristine! Looks like you had lots of fun on April 20, 2007!

Honestly Jaysee Baby, I haven’t visited this site up to now. Hehehe!

This sounds like news to me, Miss Nancy. Hehe!

I bet you are curious to know what you wrote on your #FirstTweet, right? Don’t fret! Just visit  and you’ll see a webpage that will look like this.

Key in your Twitter username and show us what your #FirstTweet was. What did it say?