#ThrowbackThursday: If You Remember These 10 Childhood Foods, You Are Awesome (Part 2)

Back when we were still young, we love to eat, especially junk foods.
posted on: Thursday, June 19, 2014
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For part 1, !

Back in the past when we would still ask mama for money, we would run to the nearest sari-sari store and buy our favorite snacks:

1. Lala


When we couldn’t afford toblerone, this was our go-to chocolate snack.

2. Pritos Ring


We all did what the caption says.

3. Kendi Mint


Admit it, you only liked this candy because of the chocolate inside it.

4. Tootsie Roll


It’s chewy and tasty. The inventor named it after her daughter.

5. White Rabbit


Did you know that its white wrapper is edible? But only the original White Rabbit, the fake ones which most of us often bought, don’t have edible wrapper.

6. Yakee!


Known for its sour taste, this gum looks the same as Pintoora.

7. Stay Fresh


Remember when your childhood friend could blow the candy up without launching it away? I bet you couldn’t do the same. It’s because your friend knows  more than you.

8. Ice Pop


Hala, supsupa jud ug maayo una malanay!

9. Tomi


What really is Tomi? Is he a troll, an agta or a caveman?

10. Captain Sid


This is such a hassle to eat. You have to crack open the seed but we really love this one.

Special mention to Pirate and Goody-Goody but unfortunately, they’re so ancient that nobody managed to take a picture of them.