Top 10 Craziest News From Around The World In The 1st Week Of August

These news will surely make you cry, laugh, wince or whatever your reaction is.
posted on: Monday, August 11, 2014
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Never been in touch on the news last week?

I’ve compiled some of the funniest, most tragic, weirdest news around the globe that happened last week, that is, in the first week of August.

Are you ready? I’m having mixed feelings about these news:

10. Kim Jong Un amused by lubricant at North Korea factory

The of North Korea appeared quite amused as he watched freshly produced lubricant ooze out of tubes at a factory in North Korea.

KCN | Reuters via

The factory worker beside him did not seem equally entertained. The North Korean leader visited the Chonji Lubricant Factory in images released by the country’s Korean Central News .

9. 9-year-old boy fights alligator, wins

A got up close and personal with a massive 9-foot alligator, and has lived to tell the harrowing tale.

ABC News via

James Barney Jr. decided to take a swim on a restricted area of a lake in Osceola county, Florida. What was supposed to be an innocent swim soon took a dangerous turn, however, when an enormous gator approached the boy and bit him several times.

James said “I reached down to grab it, and I felt its jaw, I felt its teeth, and I didn’t know what to do, so I immediately reacted and hit it a couple times.”

The bot suffered three superficial bites, mostly on his buttocks, and about 30 teeth marks and claw scratches on his back, stomach and legs after the attack.

8. Runaway tortoise tries to outrun cops but fails

, who weighs an estimated 150lbs (10st 10lbs), was found on Saturday on Sixth Street in Alhambra, Los Angeles County.

“The tortoise did try to make a run for it; but, our officers are pretty fast. Almost had a pursuit!” said police.

“It took two officers to take this guy into custody because it weighs about 150 pounds (and our cuffs . . . well not practical in this situation).”

Happily, after an enthusiastic public response, Clark was delivered back to his human family on Sunday.

7. Ex-Apple employer named Sam Sung sells his business card

This ex-Apple employee named after the company’s arch enemy  is his business card on the online shopping site eBay. | eBay | Sam Sung

On the eBay listing, Mr Sung wrote: “I came across one of my old business cards the other day when it fell out of a book. I’m auctioning the only Apple Sam Sung business card I have left and I’m going to donate all of the proceeds minus eBay fees to Children’s Wish [charity].

Here’s a close-up view of his card:

Sam Sung | eBay |

6. Justin Bieber song scares away bear, Russian fisherman saved

Igor Vorozhbitsyn wholeheartedly credits Justin Bieber’s “” with saving his life during the potentially fatal attack by a brown bear.

Pinterest |

The 42-year-old Russian fisherman was walking to his favorite fishing spot in the Yakutia Republic in Northern Russia when the bear attack occurred. The man was being mauled by the big predator when his phone reportedly began ringing and the Bieber song started to play. Apparently, the startled bear was not a fan, found the song unbearable and ran away.

Wildlife experts largely feel that the ringtone startled the bear because a “sharp shock” can sometimes stop even a very angry bear in its tracks.

5. Married couple in search of their respective mothers discover they are siblings

A Brazilian couple who spent their lives looking for the mothers who abandoned them found out that they were searching for the same person.

Radio Globo via

The couple have been together for seven years and have a six-year-old daughter. The two have found out on a live radio show that they share the . The two plan on staying together, saying, “Only death is going to separate us. All this happened because God wanted it to happen.”

The couple reported that they harbour no ill feelings towards their mother, and remain in contact with her.

4. 5-year-old mayor loses re-election in Minnesota to 16-year-old

lost his bid for a third consecutive term as mayor of Dorset.

Associated Press via

Bobby was only 3 when he was first elected mayor in 2013. Dorset, about 150 miles northwest of Minneapolis, USA, has no formal city government and a population ranging from 9 to 28.

Eric Mueller, a 16-year-old from Mendota Heights, Minnesota, won when his name was drawn from the ballot box during the annual Taste of Dorset festival. The new mayor said that he came up with the idea to run after he ate five fried ice creams at one sitting. He’ll be a high school junior this fall.

3. Man accidentally kills himself posing with a gun for a Facebook selfie

, 21, a veterinarian from Mexico City has a Facebook page stocked with photos of him posing with luxury cars and beautiful women.

He had a desire to take the ‘coolest’ selfies possible and his last idea saw him borrowing a gun and aiming it at his head. Local police said Aguilar was unaware the gun was loaded and was ‘waving’ it around when it accidentally went off, wounding him.

Ambulance crews arrived at the scene but despite efforts Aguilar died on his way to hospital.

2. Man fined ‘for pretending to be ghost’ in cemetery

, 24, was seen kicking a football around with a friend in Kingston Cemetery after the pair had been drinking.

Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth |

Tim Concannon, prosecuting at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, said: “While the football was going on they were shouting and this defendant was effectively singing loudly and being disrespectful in among the graves. He was throwing himself backwards, waving his arms about and going ‘wooooooo’. I’m assuming he was pretending to be a ghost.”

Stallard was fined £35 and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £20 court costs.

1. Wikipedia refuses to delete animal selfie because monkey ‘owns’ the photo

 was in Indonesia in 2011 attempting to get the perfect image of a crested black macaque when one of the animals came up to investigate his equipment, hijacked a camera and took hundreds of selfies.

Twitter | @Telegraph

According to , Wikimedia, the US-based organisation behind Wikipedia, has refused a photographer’s repeated requests to remove one of his images which is used online without his permission, claiming that because a monkey pressed the shutter button it should own the copyright.

The legal proceeding in this one would be very interesting.

How’s your week? Are they as crazy, weird, funny, sad as these?