THROWBACK THURSDAY: Top 10 Favorite Cebuano Childhood Games

Kids today might not be playing these games… but I hope they will!
posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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I don’t want to sound like a grandpa (I’m still 19, by the way) but when I was still young, I didn’t have the opportunity to have a personal computer and play computer games.

To pass our time, we played physical games that helped us be fit and had an awesome experience with others. I learned basic social skill through these games.

So today, I’m gonna enumerate the games and pastimes I did with my friends when I was still a snotty little kid.

1. Kasing

Current generations might have beyblade but nothing beats a good old kasing. Learning curve is a bit steep but once you learn how to make it spin and destroy the other kasing it’s worth it.

2. Patid Lata

I still see some kids playing this one but not as often as we used to back in the old days. I remember buying Islander flip flops just to have an edge in the game.

3. Gamba


When you see children gathering in a circle it only  means one thing! Spiders! Hate it or love it, well, it doesn’t matter because it was part of my childhood. I remember the good nights when my cousins and I roamed around the forest with a torch just to look for the biggest spider we could find that could win in the spider derby. My mother hated it.

4. Dampa

When it comes to rubber band games, this kind of game is very awesome. Why? Well it holds a lot of memories when I was still an elementary student. When lunch came, almost every boy including me would find the nearest crack for this game.

5. Jolin

Find the loam soil then start the game. This was always the instruction of my friends when we started playing jolin. I’m not a pro at this game that was why I always asked my mother for one peso just to buy some marbles because I kept losing.

6. Shatung

This is one of my favorites. It’s like baseball without the ball and the base but with a bat and stick. Running like a marathon athlete and saying “syyyyyyyyyyyaaaatttuuuuuuuung”… yeah, been there and done that.

7. Takyan

When you see boys with a sneaker on their right foot and flip-flop on the left, it means they are preparing for a game of takyan. Having good shoes makes you a pro in this game. Your kicks have more power and the takyan flies farther.

8. Bahaw-Bahaw

This game is definitely my favorite. It improves cardio, social skills, leadership, logic (because of the strategy you have to use to save your friends) and of course, camaraderie.

9.  Luthang

Kids today have nerf guns. Kids back then have luthang. When you get hit by a wet mashed paper you know the war is just starting. Loading your lothang and firing at the enemy like a pro is one of those awesome moments you can never forget.

10. Tabanog

Last but not the least is the tabanog. When summer comes, plastics, sticks and thread are the common demand of children, hungry for a kite action. When a tabanog is completed, children rush into the nearby “banwa” where no electric wires could hinder the flight of their awesome handmade kites.

My only wish is that these games and traditions won’t fade away in the pages of history and that my brothers and sister and even the future children would experience the awesome feeling of playing these games. I hope you guys will find time and teach them.

What can you add to the list?

Do children today still play these games?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.