Top 3 Internet Bashers Who Deserve The Worst Expletives With Matching Cyber-slap

These people don’t seem to have parents to teach them good values.
posted on: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

We may just shrug off Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black’s bashers, but these three are different from the said celebrities. They rocked in the most vile way in the social media sphere in the Philippines.

Netizens who read their statuses and tweets were enraged to the point that they posted threats and villainous desire to get rid-off their lives, if only they could reach the notorious bashers.

Below are the tweets and Facebook status of the bashers.

Warning: these guys are not your average villain you’d like to hate and slap.

The DeDiva

While the newly crowned Miss World Megan Young and the Filipinos were in unison celebrating the victory, Devina DeDiva was also celebrating by achieving a magnanimous amount of haters. Worst of all, she did not apologize. This was what she posted:



We may be enraged but we learned something: when you bash, please learn to spell ‘are’ , ‘I’m’ and the punctuation marks. And congratulations, miss Devina is crowned as miss Racist 2013. Here’s the face off.

The Sweet B*tch

Last October 15, 2013, Central Visayas was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, at the same time, MHaine Herrera also rocked the social media by posting this:


She claimed that her account was hacked, and she did not post the status. But she still continued to post harsh comments regarding the earthquake victims.

 Yolanda in drag

In the wake of typhoon Yolanda, many people have expressed concerns over the devastation the super typhoon caused in the Visayas region. While most Filipinos grieve over the devastation, one netizen has been spitting bile in the social media. Tweets like these should earn the ire of many Filipinos online:

We are still in confusion who his (or her) target is, the Catholics or the typhoon victims? But this should not be a cause for any religious war of some sort that may escalate into something hideous than what Yolanda managed to sweep.

If you reach this line, it’s either you are enraged or laughing your ass out. Surely you want to curse them to their death and I know that feeling. Calm yourself down, the girl below has done us a favor by cyber-slapping them.

Super cyber-slap