Tornado that hit Lapu-Lapu City was like “the end of the world”

posted on: Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

For some folks in barangay Tingo, Olango, an island across Mactan, Cebu, the , 2013 was like “the end of the world.”

“Na times two akong trauma (I was traumatized twice),” Risa Dano, a 40 years old woman recounted her harrowing experience with a tornado.

She could not help describe it as some sort of apocalyptic because, the nature’s fury happened just more than two weeks after  a 7.2 magnitude earthquake jolted Cebu and Bohol and some parts of the Visayas on Oct. 15.

Over 200 died and almost 1,00o people were injured.

Dano, hurriedly crossed the Hilutungan channel after work that day to celebrate her mom’s birthday in Olango.

There was a thunderstorm when they started to enjoy the dinner birthday bash of her mother.

Dano peeked outside to check what was happening.

She was horrified with what she saw.

“Nakakita ko ug murag naay aso nga nagtuyok-tuyok (I saw what I thought was smoke circling around). Abi nako ug unsa maong nisulod ko ug balik sa among balay (I thought it was something, so I went back inside the house)”. she said.

Later on she said she heard a rumbling sound that came from the sea and it just scared the wits out of her.

“Ang among kurtina kay mura’g gituyo ug langkat, nangalupad (Our curtains were like ripped off on purpose and flew.). Nakakita ko sa gawas sa among bintana ug kayo nga nikatay, mao man tingale to ang wire sa kurente, (I saw fire that that spread through the electric wire.)” she said.

“Abi gani namo nga katapusan nato kay naa may red nga hayag tungod sa poste nga natumba, wa gyud mi nag-expect ato (We thought it was the end because there was a burst of red light from the electric post that fell, we never expected it), she recounted.

Gilberto Luage, 63, also of barangay Tingo described what he saw as a whirlwind.

“Naay nag-tuyok tuyok, ambot lang kung unsa kay akong nakita ang semento nga poste natumba (There was something that was turning in circles, I don’t know what it really was except that I saw a cemented post fall),” he said.

Lapu-Lapu City engineer Alan Pedrigal who rushed to barangay Tingo, Olango in the morning after a tornado hit Lapu-Lapu said he was thankful that it was not worse than he thought.

Mayor Paz C. Radaza who also visited Tingo said the city will assist those affected by the tornado.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) reported that 10 families in barangay Tingo were affected.

According to Tingo barangay captain Johnita Amorin, they might have to wait for a few weeks before power is fully restored.

Here are photos of the tornado aftermath in barangay Tingo.

Uprooted trees in Tingo, Olango Uprooted trees in Tingo, Olango


Fallen cemented electrical post Uprooted tree in Tingo, Olango Uprooted trees block road


Damaged chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Damaged house in barangay Tingo, Olango Hit by a tornado Fallen electric post Damaged by a tornado

At the main land of Lapu-Lapu City, in barangay Mactan, a total of 31 families were affected by the tornado.

Three houses were damaged and five people were injured.

to see photos of the damage in Mactan and Punta Engano due to the tornado.

In barangay Punta Engaño, a house was damaged and no reported injuries.

The office of the city engineer has not yet provided any estimated cost of the damage as of this writing.

All photos taken by Ariel Berdon