Two Cebuanos Topped The 2013 Bar Exams. Astig!

This is another proud moment for us Cebuanos!
posted on: Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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If there’s an academic undertaking that’s quite difficult to pass, taking up law would be one of them. It entails endless reading and understanding and you certainly cannot make it if you are a fan of cutting classes! Among the hopefuls who joined the Bar Exam last year, eleven of them made it to the 2013 Bar Topnotchers! And guess what? Two of them are from Cebu!

Image courtesy of Leo Lastimosa

Let’s give a round of applause for Atty. Manuel Sarausad who made it to the 6th place. As heard from the radio interview in DYRC Cebu, Atty. Sarausad is from Medellin. He is currently working for a group helping Yolanda victims. He is married, 28 years old, father of two, and a resident of Carcar City. He finished Philosophy at the University of San Carlos. He used to be a History professor at Southwestern University before he took up law at University of Cebu.

Image courtesy of Atty. Sarausad

He dedicates his success to his two daughters, Lourdes Vhel Marie (age 7) and Mary Elise (age 5) and wife Liezel. Prayers and preparation helped him a lot as well.

Image courtesy of DYLA Cebu

Atty. Tercel Maria Mercado-Gephart, on the other hand, bagged the 5th place of the 2013 Bar Exams. She got 83.9% and she studied in University of San Carlos. The amazing thing about Atty. Mercado-Gephart was the fact that she was seven months pregnant when she joined the bar exams. Last January, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl!

Image courtesy of Leo Lastimosa

. The entire staff would like to congratulate all of you!

Which of the two Cebuano topnotchers do you think will get a brand new car a few days from now? Before I go, let me leave you a question formulated by Mr. Luigi Flores.


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