Types of Annoying Movie Goers That Will Spoil Your Trip to the Cinema

posted on: Friday, May 23, 2014

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Oh yes! These are the movie goers we wish we could never encounter every time we watch a movie.

Unfortunately, they all are here to stay.

Who are these movie goers anyway?


1. The Cacophonous Creature


He’s yapping about the movie or yapping about his life with his friend while the movie is on, like we specifically requested him to broadcast it to everybody.

Doing a single “Shhh!!!” may not even be enough.

Sometimes you just have to place a band-aid on his mouth so that he’ll get the message.



2. The Strepitous Snacker


If you forgot to buy a bucket of popcorn, this person is going to save your life at the expense of hearing constant crunchy (while munching on popcorn or junk food) or choppy (junk food wrapper being handled by a snacker) sound.

If I were you, buy another ticket and watch the movie by yourself after that. You will never understand a single movie dialogue if you sit beside this person.



3. The Incessant Laugher


He will laugh at anything about the movie, even if it seems to you that it wasn’t even a joke.

Wait ’til the joke comes. His laughter volume will increase by 50% for sure.

He is related to the Giggly Gal who giggles her way until the end of the movie.



4. The Panicky Princess


She easily gets scared. Just the sound of a ghost who is about to enter the movie scene is enough to startle her, so she’d hide under your arms or cover her eyes.

This is a perfect partner for those who want to be their knight in shining armor.



5. The Steadfast Screamer


She saw her movie idol’s name on the opening credits… She screams! She saw her movie idol smile in the movie… She screams! The movie idol winks at her from the movie screen… More screams! The movie idol died in the movie… She screams! Not all panicky princesses scream but this one requires you to bring an earplug just in case.



6. The Shadows


They constantly make their presence known by passing in front of you. They don’t care if the movie is nearing its climax. They will still walk in front of you.

They want to distract you. Hehehe!



7. The Armrestnapper


They are the ones who take the armrest all for themselves. If you sit in between two armrestnappers, expect no rest for your arm the entire time. (Sob…)



8. The Vision Blocker


They’re just vertically-gifted and you are horizontally-challenged. They virtually block half of the movie screen.

They are similar to the Shadows. The only difference is they don’t move at all! (Sob…)



9. The Rocking Horse


They put their feet behind your chair and they’d start shaking them, as if they are watching the movie from the comforts of their own home.

They don’t care if you are bothered or not because they paid for those movie tickets too! (Sob…)



10. The Passionate Lovers


I am not sure if they came in because they want to watch the movie but you can hear their sweet nothings, giggles, and sometimes their moment of passionate love.

After reading this, you might resort to watching movies until they’re released on Blu-Ray or DVD, am I right?

Which of these movie goers bothered you the most?