Types Of Facebook Friends You’ll Notice On Valentine’s Day

Are these guys familiar to you? Which type are you?
posted on: Friday, February 14, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
My Good Man, this heathen calls himself "Magz" as if his own name wasn't good enough. He claims to own these titles "Web Developer Baller" and a "Social Media Ho". It appears that this ruffian has also a talent in digital art.
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Valentine’s Day is today! Of course, predictably, social media will be flooded with people’s pictures and statuses that will remind you how lonely you are on this Heart’s Day (if you’re single or alone, that is), some of which will be annoying while some will be funny. Brace yourself!

Now, let me show you the types of Facebook friends you’ll notice (whether you like it or not) during Valentine’s Day:

If you can’t read some text click the image and then hover at upper left side and click expand.

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