This Ukay-Ukay Mountain in Cebu Can Make Yolanda Victims Happy. What You Will See Will Shock You

Are these clothes really for the Yolanda victims?
posted on: Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

It is not quite pleasant to talk about the disasters that happened in the past, especially the 7.2 magnitude earthquake and the super typhoon Yolanda. Those fresh, noteworthy disasters shattered many lives.

And yes, many would not like to talk about them…but some girl posted something on her Facebook account, which we couldn’t help but notice. The moment she posted it, right then and there someone commented which became like a thread:

This is the photo they commented on:

And then someone posted another picture again which gained comments:

This was the picture posted:


Now, who on earth wouldn’t be enraged by those photos plus those comments?

So we at decided to visit the place and check if the speculations were true.

The place is located in Babag 2 in Cordova, Cebu, a very small town where means of living are mostly fishing.

The area, where where the locals call as the “ukay-ukay mountain”, is owned by Virlo Construction Development Corp.

Are those clothes intended for the Yolanda Victims?

The moment you enter the area, large bundles of clothes immediately welcome you.

Go further, you will meet the cashier. Yes, the CASHIER (because they are selling those bundles of clothes) asking, “Mangukay mo, sir?”

Pass through the cashier and well, you won’t see clothes in bundles anymore but these:

So you think only those? Heck no, because as you go further, you will know what Ukay-Ukay Mountain really looks like…

Can’t imagine how high the mountain is? Well, check the view when you are on top of it:

And this:

And are those really for the Yolanda victims? So we tried to ask the cashier.

There was this company in MEPZA, which sells ukay-ukay. The whole building was filled with bundles of ukay-ukay.

The Virlo Construction Corp. bought the said building along with the ukay-ukay worth Php 3 million pesos.

They transferred those bundles in their construction site last November 2013. You see, those were tied with thick metal wires.

They even put this sign.

But no, people brought along with them pliers in order to cut those wires which made the Ukay-Ukay Mountain manifest into reality.

Since they can’t help it, the construction company started selling those, in kilos at first. But they eventually sell it at a cheaper price like 5 pesos per piece, the price depends on what kind of item you like.

They even donated 500 bundles to the victims of the super typhoon. Each bundle cost Php 1,000.

But what made the area known is that some locals said that they found some jewelries–gold….

photo by Ka Bino and no, this is not pure gold but colored like gold


… and dollars.

But others went there to buy clothes. Young…

…and old alike.

Those are not just ordinary clothes, because you’ll find Neiman Marcus blazers:

Ariel Berdon


And nightie from Victoria’s Secret.

Ka Bino

Just shop in there and you’ll be thankful for your Php 100.

One day is not enough when shopping in the Ukay-Ukay Mountain.

So if you’re hungry, you can eat the famous lechon in plus a cold buko juice. Perfect!

So now we know that they were not really intended for the Yolanda victims.

But even if those clothes were not intended for the victims of disasters, something must be done instead of being left there to rot, right?