Van Damme Beats His Own Epic Split With His New Video. Is Chuck Norris up for this challenge?

We just can’t get enough of him!
posted on: Monday, March 3, 2014

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Life has its ups and downs. We are bound to be happy and sad at one point in our lives. Sometimes, we feel like the world is a big party then suddenly, we are faced with the fact that we cannot escape from occasional boredom.

Thankfully, Jean Claude Van Damme is here to rescue us!

Last year, he amazed us with his epic split between two Volvo trucks.

People couldn’t just get enough with it. The advertisement was simply kick-ass, considering that Van Damme is already 53 years old! People reacted in all sorts of ways, and one of them is through parody.

One of the best parodies to Van Damme’s epic split featured Chuck Norris. If Van Damme did it on land, Norris did it up in the air!

Would Van Damme let this be? Of course not! To beat Norris, he sent his epic split to the most epic level ever!

Oh! What would life be without Van Damme’s commercials?