I Want To Wear An Invisible Bike Helmet In Cebu! You, Too?

I don’t really like helmets full of sweat! Do you? Ugh!
posted on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lifestyle Geek

We all know that when riding a bike, safety is the main concern but do you actually enjoy wearing those bulky helmets?

Thank God Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin had a very good idea in mind.

For Terese Alstin, bike helmets are uncomfortable to wear.

For Anna Haupt, bike helmets look like mushrooms on our head.

So they invented Hövding, an airbag helmet shaped like a neck collar that inflates when a biker gets an accident.

Here’s how you will wear the invisible bike helmet.

Once the invisible bike helmet has been fastened to your neck, the dotted lines light up, indicating that it’s working.

They spent about 7 years researching about the design and materials.

They even asked the advice of a head trauma specialist and they studied bike accidents.

The invisible bike helmet brings another good news! Aside from offering protection to your head, it can be worn in a fashionable way. Here are the ways.

Here’s a video with the founders explaining how they came up with the concept.

I can’t wait to buy this helmet once it’ll hit the stores of Cebu! Isn’t this innovation awesome?