Warning: This Might Make You Angry For Not Joining The Street Party

This might end up as one regret of your life!
posted on: Monday, May 12, 2014

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In case you didn’t know, Mactan Island had the best weekend of their lives two weeks ago.



The Cebuanos celebrated the victorious day when was able to defeat Magellan and his fleet on April 27, 1521.



After 493 years, something awesome happened.




After eating, some people relaxed near the shore.


There were events such as cosplay, Sun Down Beer Run, and party along M.L. Quezon Avenue, Lapu-Lapu City.


The Sun Down Beer started out just like any other race.

Photo by Fritz Menguito


The participants ran as fast as they could.

Photo by Fritz Menguito


Some even managed to stick their tongue out.

Photo by Fritz Menguito


But the difference between Sundown Beer Run and other fun run is the presence of pulutan and beer that the participants can consume…

Photo by Fritz Menguito Photo by Fritz Menguito


…and the fact that you have to crawl to reach the finish line! Awesome, isn’t it?


Photo by Fritz Menguito


It was a week-long of party, party, and party!


But the highlight of the celebration is the re-enactment of Kadaugan sa Mactan and the Street Party!

The stars of this year’s Kadaugan sa Mactan were Daniel Matsunaga, Venus Raj, and Carlos Agassi.


Before the re-enactment started in the morning of April 27, 2014 Mayor Paz Radaza and other high ranking police officials honored Lapu-Lapu.


Daniel Matsunaga, who played Lapu-Lapu at the re-enactment managed to pose like a cool dude at the reception. What can you say about this?


Here’s how the re-enactment went.


Then finally, the best was saved for last. The people couldn’t wait for the Rampada!

There were a lot of moments that you missed during the Rampada…


…like when Magellan and Lapu-Lapu fought a dance fight…


…and Reyna Bulakna had a dance showdown with Lapu-Lapu.


The surprises did not end there.

Lapu-Lapu even rescued Reyna Bulakna out of captivity…


…and even manage to join a real-life photo (with matching photo frame pa!).



And did I mention sexy ladies dancing? Yes! Sexy ladies!


You missed a lot, didn’t you?

Don’t worry, you can join next year!

By the way, before I forget, if you value what Lapu-Lapu and his men did to our country,

Once again, mabuhi si Lapu-Lapu og mabuhi ang Kadaugan sa Mactan!