Was EDSA Revolution Just A Big Street Party?

Did it do anything to the Philippines after almost three decades?
posted on: Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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When I was a kid, I learned the acronym of EDSA in school.

I also learned that throngs of people gathered to thwart the oppression brought about by President Marcos’ dictatorship.

I didn’t really care about its significance. Although I did well in school, I simply didn’t care.


As a kid, I’d care more about keeping my grades high, what my lunch would be and what kind of game I would play with my friends in the afternoon.

The EDSA Revolution was far from my mind, perhaps due to the reason that it never happened in Cebu. So much more, I was just one year old when it happened.


This year, the People Power Revolution is now on its 28th anniversary. To my surprise, perhaps to your surprise as well, the main celebration for 2014 was moved to the !



Now that People Power is nearing its third decade, it is more important to know its impact to our nation and the world.

So here’s what happened. People Power kicked President Marcos out of Malacañan Palace.

Was corruption minimized or did corruption end after he was long gone?

I think we all know what the answer is.


If the dictator was ousted, his supporters and cronies should have lost their power by now, right?

Again, the answer is a big no. They still have control.

Did our economy improve? In a way, it did improve but statistics show that we are way behind other Southeast Asian countries.

According to newspaper columnist Rigoberto Tiglao, our GDP per capita income in 2012 was $1,501 and we are way economically behind South Korea by five decades, Malaysia by four decades and Thailand by two decades.


What did People Power do to the world?

It inspired them to do their own People Power and remove the one currently sitting in their highest political chair.

South Korea, Chile, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, East Germany, and Czechoslovakia are just some of the countries inspired by the EDSA Revolution.


If we look back twenty-eight years ago from today, did we, as a nation, successfully accomplished what People Power should have given us?

We were supposed to be a thriving nation with a much improved economy, lesser corruption, lesser poverty, and a country that is more happier.

Did we accomplish all these?

Or was EDSA 1 just a big street party?