Watch How Netizens React To ISP’s New Ad About ‘Faster Internet’

This new ad boasts about faster network. Netizens don’t seem to agree.
posted on: Monday, July 21, 2014
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Globe Telecom’s new advertisement has the slogan ‘Globe: Be Fast. Share Fast.

However, this new ad doesn’t seem to serve its purpose since the video has only received furious backlash from Globe subscribers who posted their comments on Globe’s facebook page.

The top concern was the ‘Fair Use Policy‘ implemented by most Internet Service Providers which is contrary to what the new video ad says:

Some complained about their slow internet connection, which is contrary to what their new advertisement says:

Globe managed to reply to some of the angry comments, but their reply leads to the same advice –  to go to ‘this link’:

Here’s the link Globe put in their reply: .

Anyway, despite receiving negative feedback from almost all the comments, there are a few who are satisfied with Globe’s service:

At the time of this writing, the video has reached 5,800+ comments 4,500+ shares.

What about you, are you satisfied with your ISP’s service?