Watch What Happens When You Give Superman A Camera

The daily life of Superman.
posted on: Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

Remember, Superman?

The man of steel (unless you’re one of those idiots who would like to stab him with a krypton)

Where is he now?

Check this out.

Superman accidentally finds a GoPro camera and wants to return it to the owner.

What happens next?

This is a dream come true for all those Superman fans who wanted to see his adventures!

Awesome, right?

Before you come crashing to your nearest store to get a GoPro and leap from a building, share this to your friends.

Oh by the way, DON’T DO THIS AT HOME.

Calling all superheroes, unite and share this to your co-heroes!