What Is More Interesting Than the PDAF Scandal?

The pork barrel scam has been all over the news since last year, but there were other headlines that kept the Filipinos’ eyes on the news.
posted on: Saturday, June 21, 2014
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2013 was a rocky year for the Philippines.

Aside from typhoon Yolanda and the PDAF scam, there were other big news that filled the headlines, but it’s the sex scandals that made the Filipinos’ eyes turn to their TV screens and tabloids.

What could outweigh the titanic news that is the PDAF scandal was another scandal, not in the senate but in the bed.

We seem to have a penchant for being curious with other people’s private lives (especially if it involves adultery and sex). The word ‘scandal’ has been synonymous with ‘sex tape’.

From Chito Miranda to Wally Bayola to Hayden Kho and to all the unfortunate stars, we just can’t seem to have enough of this kind of news.

But what makes a sex scandal interesting?

One obvious ingredient is that the person involved is famous and is seen on TV for a while. Be that person an actor, a politician or a sportsperson, being famous is a necessary tool to stir up the Filipinos’ curiosity.


Another requirement is that the girl should be a beauty and the man is a beast. I mean, which scandal created more buzz, Chito’s or Wally’s? Remember Pacquiao’s scandal with the sexy starlet?


Add the final formula where the girl cries foul over the leaked tape and sues the man over the scandal for destroying her career. As if anyone could erase their video tapes once they’re uploaded into the internet.


There! We have the perfect news to pore over the next several weeks. Senate hearing is boring, news about killings is stale, sex scandals is a perfect news to hear and discuss about.

If you haven’t seen the latest scandal, you’ll have a hard time blending with your officemates in a conversation.

And gossip-mongering is one of Filipinos’ favorite pastime aside from eating.

So why are we fascinated with it?

Aside from our curiosity and stimulating our sexual urges, why are we interested with this kind of news?

So that we’ll know that these popular idols are just like us?

That they have their own private lives? How good are they in making love?

They are humans too, and sex is a controversial topic in this “conservative” country.

I’m looking forward to the next one…

Do we watch them because we like to get mad at these people, how immoral their acts are and how “dirty” the girl is for giving away her virginity before marriage? Let’s hear the side of CBCP on this.

Or better yet, we are engaged in it because we ourselves are frustrated with our own (non-existent) sex lives.

It doesn’t just boil to the fact that one has a sex tape, that person involved must have with another, much younger person.

We just love to hear how these people’s love story unfold.

All in all, most sex scandals get a closure.

Wally has come back to Eat Bulaga and Chito has to her girlfriend.

It’s a happy ending if you ask me, although their mistakes may leave a permanent scar in their lives.