What PNoy’s DAP Could Have Been Used For

Political blogger Tonyo Cruz shares his thoughts about the president’s P150 billion Disbursement Acceleration Program funds.
posted on: Saturday, July 5, 2014
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President BS Aquino’s DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Program) was recently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

What could have the 150 billion pesos been used for?

Political blogger Tonyo Cruz shares his thoughts:

PNoy’s P150-billion pork barrel called DAP could have gone to: 

P25,000 pay hike for 500,000 public school teachers for one whole year.

public school teacher


Public school teachers currently receives a minimum of P18,500 monthly salary. In response to the long-standing criticism that public school teachers in the Philippines are overworked and underpaid, a bill was filed to increase their salary to P36,000.

P150 billion could buy 1,900 new MRT coaches

mrt philippines

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MRT (Metro Rail Transit) is the government’s way to decongest the traffic in Metro Manila. It’s cheap and more spacious than riding a jeepney. More coaches would have helped transport more commuters and replace the old, malfunctioning ones.

P351-billion: Cost of Metro Manila’s flood control master plan

flood in manila


If the P150 billion was allocated to Metro Manila flood control master plan, we would have already been half way to completely fix Manila’s flooding problem.

P10.62-billion: Cost of having a Bus Rapid System for Cebu

cebu bus rapid transit


The BRT system involves modern buses plying exclusive bus lanes and using specific stations. Crucially, it will not allow buses to veer out of their lane to pick up passengers or jostle with other vehicles.

Allocating the DAP fund would have advanced its implementation.

P150 billion could buy 187 brand-new Navy patrol boats

philippine navy patrol boat


With China becoming more aggressive in claiming the disputed islands, more patrol boats means we would be less dependent to Uncle Sam.

PNoy’s P150-billion DAP is bigger than all deposits in all rural banks in the Philippines (P145-billion).

rural bank in the philippines


Local rural banks are now threatened with the entry of large banks into the Philippine countryside. Large number of rural banks are being closed every year.

Only 5% of P150-billion DAP is needed to provide tuition-free tertiary education in all 112 state colleges and universities.

college protest


In 2011, students protested as the budget allocation for state colleges and universities was cut by P146-million.

“We are gradually reducing the subsidy to SUCs to push them toward becoming self-sufficient and financially independent, given their ability to raise their income and to utilize it for their programs and projects”, PNoy explained.

The DAP became controversial when Senator Jinggoy Estrada asserted that funds under it were used to bribe senators of P50 to P100 million each for the conviction of then Chief Justice Renato Corona.