What The $200-Million Budget For INC Arena Could Have Been Used For

This substantial budget could have been used for other charity works.
posted on: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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For the religious organization Iglesia Ni Cristo’s 100th anniversary, the group built a Philippine Arena that costs more than $200 million or about ? 8.7 billion. The Christian group billed it as the world’s largest domed arena.


What if INC decided to use it for other charitable purposes other than building the world’s largest arena?

Here are some things the money could have been used for:

~450, 000 bunkhouses for Yolanda survivors


One bunker can house a of 5 members. Each bunkhouse can be built for a cost of around ?20, 000 according to experts.

~26, 700 classrooms for public school students


According to Senator Franklin Drilon, it would cost him for a single classroom through a partnership with a private business group compared to DepEd’s 730, 000 pesos spent on the same classroom.

They could be like Korina Sanchez and donate ~174, 000, 000 pairs of slippers to barefoot children


That is, if they buy the cheapest pair of slippers which costs 50 pesos.

They could be like DepEd and feed ~4.8 million children for three months


per child is about 15 pesos for a feeding program that lasts 120 days.

Or they could follow Eat Bulaga! and donate ~8.7 million plastic armchairs to public schools

Eat Bulaga via Youtube

The cheapest plastic armchair costs about 1, 000 pesos.

Donate ~4, 350, 000 bags of rice


Commercial rice costs about 2, 000 pesos per bag. They could donate it to those affected by typhoon Glenda.

This rainy season, they could donate ~21, 750, 000 umbrellas


Cheapest umbrella costs around 400 pesos.

To be fair, Iglesia ni Cristo has always been conducting charity works like medical missions and a whole lot more.

Despite all the hate, props to Iglesia ni Cristo for building the world’s largest indoor arena.