What To Write?

posted on: Sunday, December 7, 2014
Eliezer Sanchez
music enthusiast, self-proclaimed writer. #PopPunk isn't dead!

What to write? That’s the question a writer always has.

As a writer or just a person good at writing, people expect you to have these endless ideas and endless things to write about. What they don’t know is that we also have tough times – I call it ‘dry times’. It’s a time when we cannot write something, even a single short article. But I tell you this: that doesn’t make us less of a writer!

I admit that in the past, I was also one of those people who criticize writers who produce small and simple articles. But as I have experienced those ‘dry times’, it made me half crazy. Trust me, crazy is the term. Thinking that there are a lot of people expecting you to produce good and sensible materials. The pressure is just too high. And pressure is also a contributing factor that causes these ‘dry times’. And that’s the biggest challenge a writer has to conquer. A challenge that even the famous writers haven’t conquered yet. Believe me, it’s not easy being in the shoes of a writer.

Just like painters who can’t produce constant quality paintings, having nothing to write doesn’t make you less of a writer.
You are a writer.

Everyone is! You just have to find that one thing – one thing special that pushes you to write. One thing that gives life to every stroke of your pen, one thing that gives soul to your every word!

Like what I’ve learned from a great man,
“Everyone of us is a storyteller.”

So to all of you out there, find your story. Write. Be prolific.