When You Wear These Couple T-shirts On Valentine’s Day, You’ll Notice How Much Fun You Can Have.

Tell the world how much you love each other, no matter how cheesy it sounds!
posted on: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Just when you thought that Valentine’s Day itself is cheesy enough already, somebody went on and invented couple t-shirts. The designs are as endless as your imagination. Let’s take a look at some designs that you might want to wear this February 14.

1. Sugar, spice and everything nice!

Sugar, spice, and everything nice!


Tell the world that you complement each other.

2. I heart you!

I heart you!


Since Valentine’s Day is the day of hearts, better add some hearts to your shirts.

3. Let’s volt in!

Let's volt in!


Since couples are going to be close to each other, why not wear this instead?

4. You’re my soul mate!

You're my soul mate!


If you have really found your soul mate, wear your heart on a sleeve!

5. Directions please!

Directions please!



Oh yeah! Nothing beats being specific, like really pointing out who your love is.

6. LO + VE



Love is not complete without you and me!

7. Matching collared shirts

Matching collared shirts


If you don’t find shirts with cheesy lines comfortable to wear, perhaps you may want to wear collared shirts with the same design.

8. T-shirt and Dress with the same design

T-shirt and Dress with the same design


This is great for couples who don’t want to wear the same style of shirts.

9. The King and Queen of Hearts

The King and Queen of Hearts

This shirt will surely turn you into a magical couple.

10. Cutie Tees!

Cutie Tees!

If both of you are cute and you know it, wearing the same style and design of shirts can be awesome. Just make sure the design fits both of you.

Which of the designs do you like best?