Why Are Filipinos Obsessed With Becoming White?

Why can’t we just love our beautiful brown complexion?
posted on: Wednesday, May 28, 2014
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Many Filipinos are willing to spend thousands of pesos just to turn their skin into a lighter shade of brown, then call it ‘white’.

From glutathione to malathion, we always hold this belief that we should achieve a lighter skin complexion even if it only applies to visible parts of our skin.


But why?

According to a story we read in elementary school books, we are neither underbaked or overbaked, the Lord just got us out of the oven at the right time. Why do we try to change God’s creation?

Why aren’t we contended with being kayumanggi?

Colonial mentality.

amazon.com, Brown Skin, White Minds by E. J. R. David

We’ve been under foreign rule for more than three hundred years.

The white-skinned people were our masters for a long time, we have looked up to them and saw that they were as bright as the sun.

Have we been conquered to the black race, would we have desired for a darker skin?

Media influence.


Television plays a major role in influencing our view about skin color.

Many actors and actresses have light skin and with the rising popularity of K-pop groups in the Philippines, the desire to become white is amplified.

Whitening skin products are heavily advertised, while there’s not a single lotion that makes skin tan.

Media promotes superficial beauty.

Brown is inferior.


Brown is ugly. Brown looks dirty. If you have a brown skin, try standing next to someone white. How do you feel?

Brown skin often signifies that someone works under the scorching heat of the sun.

That what one does is a menial job and people who have fair skin works in an air-conditioned office.


Though we might have an obsession of having a white skin, it’s not just us.

Whitening skin product industries have been in a boom in Asia and is projected to by 2018.

It just so happens that we have a darker skin compared to the people of neighboring countries.


Getting white is so ingrained in our culture. How can we start to love our own beautiful skin complexion?

White people are trying to get darker while we try to get lighter.

Do we need another brown-skinned Filipina beauty queen to win an international pageant to make us believe that our skin isn’t inferior?

I might have offended some who want to become white.

Are you one of them?

Tell me your reason below.