Why Are Pinoys Obsessed With Basketball?

posted on: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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“Mark Barroca shoots,

Mark Barroca scores!”

gmanetwork.com, photo by KC Cruz

He wasn’t even tall in basketball standard, but Mark Barroca braved the army of Goliaths to become the . He is the epitome of Filipino’s love for basketball despite the height disadvantage.

Yeah, our height.

The average male is just 163 cm ( 5’4 1?2”).

We are that short, but despite it we’ve won many international tournaments like:

– Finishing 5th in the Olympics basketball game


– Gold medalist in the first Asian Games


– Silver medalist in the Asian Games, losing to China


– Second place in FIBA Asia Championship

gmanetwork.com, photo by Nuki Sabio

So, is that the reason why we love basketball so much?

That we are competitive enough to garner the top spots in international games and thus boosting our Pinoy pride?


It’s really amazing how well we play this game. Basketball is one of the greatest gift America bestowed on us during the colonial times.

Perhaps, it was our resilience to foreign invasion that we grew to love everything they’ve brought in – including this world-renowned sport.

Or maybe…

Basketball is just really fun to play. It’s a team sport that evokes the spirit of Bayanihan, that’s why we love it.

Whatever the reason is, we are really obsessed with it.


Basketball jersey is a common casual clothing with 23 on its back (or maybe you like 6 for Lebron?). Even if it looks silly, it looks great in the Filipino’s eyes.

When you walk around the corner of every place, you’ll always see basketball courts filled with adolescent boys and small children playing a casual game.

Araneta Coliseum is always at full capacity whenever a national championship is held.


These just show how omnipresent basketball is in our country.

Even the National Geographic Channel produced a documentary about Philippine basketball.

It has become a part of the Filipino culture.

What’s your opinion about basketball?

Are there any sport you wished would eventually become popular in our country?