Why Do People Hate Mondays?

posted on: Monday, May 19, 2014
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It’s Monday again.

The day everyone hates. This hate spreads like a virus in our society.

But why do we really hate this day more than any other day of the week?

Is it because it’s back to work again?



Well, if you hate your work then better file a resignation letter because you’re just making yourself suffer.

The same thing can be said with school, stop wasting your parents’ money if you just turn around to the nearest internet cafe instead of going to the university.

If you’re unemployed, then start scouting for work because Monday will just make you bother more about not doing anything.

Is it because Sunday is a family day and Monday comes just to end it?


How cute. You must love your family so much that just one day isn’t enough to spend your time with them.

Well, if you truly love them then haul them you have no choice but to go to work not just on Monday but every workday to feed your family.

We all have a reason or two, but I know you’re not with them on Sundays, you’re with your barkada, with Red Horse on one hand and sumsuman on the other. Hala sige, tagay pa!

Or is it because a microchip is embedded in your brain that commands you to hate Monday?


Congratulations, you may be a terminator. Now time travel back into the day when Monday wasn’t invented yet.

But seriously, there are many ways to enjoy your Mondays. Have a sip of hot coffee and enjoy this day for these reasons:

Your favorite telenovela is on Monday


It’s Dyesebel again, it’s The Legal Wife! I mean, who isn’t a fan of Ann Curtis?

Yes, I’m a Kapamilya (don’t bash me Kapuso!).

Or if you like that medieval midget more, Game of Thrones is out every Monday, on torrent of course.

A good reason to love Monday, our favorite telenovelas are back again after two agonizing days of not having them on prime time.

You can see your crush at work/school again


This applies only to singles. It’s work/school day so there’s a reason to be excited if you ever have a crush.

This can make or break your day, so do your best to make the day nice to you.

If you don’t make a move, if Monday passes and it’s now Friday and you still didn’t ask him/her for a date, then you’ll definitely wait for the next Monday again to do the move.

It gives us a whole week to look forward to


Monday starts the mood for our whole week. If we think positive it’ll carry on until the next days. I’m not ordering you to love Monday, it’s mandatory to love Monday.

It’s your birthday


I have 1 in 7 chance of getting it right! Happy birthday!

Don’t make Monday a hate day. Everyday is what you make of it. Just be positive!

But if you need to add more reasons or if you disagree with me?

Post it in the comments below.