Reasons Why Pinoys Love To Watch “Kabit-Kabit” Shows Like The Legal Wife

Why do we see adultery as a source of entertainment?
posted on: Sunday, April 27, 2014
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The Legal Wife‘ is currently one of the most watched soap opera on TV. Agree?

Without going into details, this drama is about adultery.

Yes, many watch it because of the love affair and intense scenes like when the husband (Jericho Rosales) finally betrayed her wife (Angel Locsin) and shared a romantic moment with his wife’s best friend (Maja Salvador) and when the titular wife broke down upon discovering the affair.

The adultery genre has been a favorite of Filipinos long before ‘No Other Woman‘ became a blockbuster hit in 2011.

It was followed by ‘A Secret Affair‘, ‘The Mistress‘ (the two were released just one month apart), ‘My Husband’s Lover‘ and now ‘The Legal Wife‘.

In reality, adultery is destructive to the family-centric Filipino culture.

It often results in broken families and desensitizes us from the realities of life.

Many seem to take it lightly because it happened to others and not on them.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t have divorce (yet) or maybe because we love hearing buzzes about other people as much as we love hearing about Kris Aquino’s new haircut (Daghan issue pwede ibalita, pero kani ang da best).

But either way, tearjerkers about adultery proves to be a big hit among Filipino viewers (even though the outcome is already predictable).


It’s a shame that the entertainment industry loves to offer stories about infidelity.

Ka Bino, Cebu’s famous heritage interpreter thinks that teleserye writers are good at it because infidelity, in the entertainment industry, is as normal as sunshine.

Talking of sunshine even Sunshine Cruz left Cesar Montano because of infidelity.

Presidential sister, a prominent actress and talk show host, Kris Aquino loves to talk about her personal experiences on infidelity on national television.

Without a doubt, the entire country loves to listen to her sob stories too.

In the political scene, former president and now Manila city mayor Joseph  “Erap” Estrada won the presidency by a landslide despite his open admission of having several mistresses.


The blame isn’t wholly on the entertainment industry or even the politicos.

We Filipinos simply love the sugarcoated portrayal of real life problems.

What do you think about the Filipinos love affair with adultery and infidelity?