Why I Think The Eagle’s Nest Is The Coolest Condominium

The room was really worth my visit!
posted on: Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

Yup, I’ve heard the name before but I had no idea what on Earth was “Eagle’s Nest” when I passed by at Canduman, Mandaue City.

Anyway, I just happened to pass by the place again last November 18. The day was the opening ceremony of the place.

Here’s the facade of the Eagle’s Nest:


You may be wondering why it’s called Eagle’s Nest. That’s because Primary Homes partnered with Sacred Heart School – Ateneo De Cebu which has a blue eagle for a mascot.

The partnership also aimed to solve another thing: the traffic of the said area during the morning and in the afternoon.

Here’s how each room of Eagle’s Nest looks like:


It’s like a studio, but bigger than the studio you had in mind.

Kandu-Rodel-13But I have a criteria: no matter how beautiful the condominium is, it’s not worth my money if it’s not comfortable enough for me and my laptop.

Luckily I brought with me my laptop and went inside the room.

Trying out the lower one of the double-deck bed. It was comfortable.


Guess I’ll try out the stairs. Kandu-Rodel-18

The upper bed. Not bad.


Trying out on the study table…


which turns out to be…


…a third bed!


Well played, Eagle’s Nest, well played.


Also the sink area is so spacious that you can bring your laptop while dish washing!


I also tried the bathroom… Doing some work there is perfect too!


I don’t know why but I think that Eagle’s Nest is meant for people like me or for students who want to stay in home where they could use their gadgets with ease.

Maybe in the near future, I’ll buy my own Eagle’s Nest unit, filled with laptops! :D

For more information contact Primary Homes here: