Why Is It More Fun In Cebu? These Pictures Will Tell You Why.

There are many wonders in Cebu that we sometimes fail to notice. Enjoy these pictures and appreciate why it’s more fun in Cebu than the rest of the nation.
posted on: Monday, June 23, 2014
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It’s more fun in the Philippines but it’s more fun in Cebu.

Why? Because of the food, the people, the places… nevermind, these pictures will tell you so:

1. One reason why cremation is indeed better than burying.

cremation is environment friendly

Cecilia Brainard Blog | cbrainard.blogspot.com

2. Basi’g mabangga ka anang kalakiha.

motorcycle rider carries balloons

BruceLiron2011 | bruceliron.photoshelter.com

3. This guy is clearly pissed off.

warning sign


4. Massage? It’s more fun in Cebu!

5. Even Jollibee agrees it’s more fun in Sinulog.

jollibee drunk

Facebook, photo by Dr. Gunhuran

6. Bull’s balls. Try this.



7. Haskang badlungona!

no jaywalking


8. Feeling superhero?

jeepney sign


9. Tired of being called pisot? Patuli na!



10. I wonder what crime the frontman committed.

cebu dancing inmates


Got more pictures showing why Cebu is the most fun city in the Philippines? Share it in the comments below!