Why It’s More Fun In The Philippines? These Pictures Will Tell You Why

Why choose Philippines? Here are some pictures to tell you why.
posted on: Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Why choose Philippines?

These pictures may not be enough to tell you but here are some reasons why:

1. Feeding a fish? What about a whale shark?

feeding a whale shark

Shawn Heinrichs / Barcroft Media via telegraph.co.uk

2. We’re a dog-friendly country.

public transport more fun in the philippines

mithunonthe.net | Mithun Divakaran

3. Tagay na!

drinking more fun in the philippines


4. I’ll just leave it here…

bulding a house in the philippines

Jaypee David | enjayneer.com

5. Filipino ingenuity knows no bounds.

biking more fun in the philippines


6. I dare you try this:

crossing rivers more fun in the philippines


7. Not your ordinary fight.

spider fight more fun in the philippines


8. No flood can stop us from playing our favorite sport.

playing basketball more fun in the philippines


9. Recycling, it’s efficient in the Philippines…

recycling plastic bag in the philippines


10. Can’t beat your traditional mode of transport

drive thru more fun in the philippines


Your experience in the Philippines may vary from day to day, but you can’t deny that it’s indeed more fun here!