Throwback: Why President Marcos Hated Voltes V And Other Robot Animes

Voltes V was one of the most watched TV show during the Martial Law. It was good while it lasted.
posted on: Thursday, October 16, 2014
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One of our most beloved animes, Voltes V was first aired in the Philippines on GMA-7 in 1978 at the time of Martial Law.


Shown every Friday at 6:00 PM, it was popular among kids in the 70s.

During the Martial Law when there was still no internet and you couldn’t go outside because of curfew, Voltes V was the kids’ last bastion of entertainment.

Voltes V and other ‘mecha’ shows were good while they lasted but the timing couldn’t be worse.

Voltes V lasted a year – with almost 40 episodes aired.

However, Just about 5 EPISODES left before the conclusion of its story, President Marcos issued a directive banning the beloved robot from airing on TV. |

The President’s reason? Voltes V showed “excessive violence” and may encourage people to rebel due to “subversive message”.

His reason was backed by his son, Bongbong, in an more than 30 years later and added:

Bongbong Marcos youtube channel

The banning of Voltes V and other ‘mecha’ shows made the kids at that time realize that the Martial Law isn’t a good thing.

Despite Marcos giving the reason for the banning, many believed that Marcos was just afraid that the show would instill in the minds of the public the idea of uprising against oppression – just like the story of Voltes V goes.

And so, 30 years later, one of the the kids, now grown up, had his revenge – through this art installation presented last month:

karldeleon via Instagram

This art by  is aptly named “Last, Lost, Lust for Four Episodes”, a metaphor of the creator’s childhood anger when Voltes V was summarily removed from TV.

karldeleon via Instagram

Do you think the current generation is lucky to not have experienced the terror of Martial Law?

Well, I guess the answer is obvious!