Word of the Day: Lapyahan

Ako kay magapaabot lang diri sa lapyahan sa imong kasing-kasing!
posted on: Monday, March 24, 2014

Lifestyle Geek

I recently spent a weekend in a paradise we call Malapascua Island.

I was blessed with the warmth of the sun, the cool embrace of the summer wind, the warm feeling of white sand caressing my feet and the sight of the blue sea and skies!

Once you will go there, you may never want to go back home!

That’s what I felt when I went there. Even up to this point, I still have a hang over, that dreaded vacation hang over!

Going to the island gave us a chance to interact with the locals and a chance to encounter words that we don’t frequently use anymore.

Since Malapascua Island’s best asset is its beach, the word of the day that came to my mind was lapyahan.

What does lapyahan mean? It means seashore!

Now that we really know what lapyahan means, let’s have fun and use it in making a sentence. Ready?

As a head start, I’ll give you three sentences.

  1. Si Ka Bino nilakaw tungod muadto siya sa lapyahan og manguha’g kinhason.

  2. Ako kay magapaabot lang diri sa lapyahan sa imong kasing-kasing hangtod imo akong pagalili-on og tagaan sa pagtagad na dugay nakong gipaabot.

  3. Napuno sa mga sagbot og basura ang lapyahan pagkahuman nilabay ang bagyong si Yolanda.

Now it’s your turn! What sentences can you make out of the Word of the Day?