Word of the Day: Panagdait

posted on: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lifestyle Geek

The other day, I was just sitting on the sofa and a thought came to my mind. I remembered what any Catholic priest would say at one point in time during a mass, “Peace be with you!” That’s how the word of the day was chosen.

Cebuanos are very familiar of a place that’s called Panagdait and it’s located somewhere in Mabolo but the word panagdait also means something else.

I almost found my nose bleeding after reading this. LOL!

No! That’s not what panagdait means! LOL!

Oh! You included the jeepney route!

Me, too! I’ve been there!

I think you’ve mistaken what panagdait really means. LOL!

Thanks for telling us where you live! Manganha unya mi para mag-karaoke!

Now that we’ve seen some of the comments, let’s get back to the word of the day, shall we?

So what is the meaning of panagdait? It means peace.

Since you already know its definition, let’s use the word in making a sentence. Game?

Let me give you some examples.

  1. Ang panagdait maana kanimo og maana sad kanimo.

  2. Dili mabayran og sapi ang panagdait nga mahigamtaman sa atong kasing-kasing.

  3. Kung daghan kag kaaway, dili gayud ka makatulog nga naay panagdait sa panghuna-huna.

Now it’s your turn. What sentence do you have in mind?