You Know You’re A Cebuano If You’ve Been To These Places

If you haven’t set foot on these places, you were able to pass them by on your car or while commuting, at least.
posted on: Friday, May 23, 2014

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Cebuano life wouldn’t be complete if Cebuanos haven’t been to these places.

Sure, there are lots of places where Cebuanos go but for the sake of simplicity, I narrowed this list to 10.

These places doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most visited or most-frequented.

In fact, some Cebuanos may have never set their foot on these places but have already passed by them on several occasions.

What are the places that made it to my first list?


Carbon Public Market

Everything you need is in here, literally! What you see in the malls are also sold here and the best part is, the goods are way cheaper!


Cebu City Hall

This is Cebu City’s seat of power. If you’ve been to Carbon, chances are, you’ve passed by the Cebu City Hall too.



Magellan’s Cross

Aside from guitars, dried mangoes and Santo Nino, Cebu is also known to be the place where Magellan’s Cross is.



Basilica Minore del Santo Nino de Cebu

If you’ve been to Magellan’s Cross, it is next to impossible not to pass by the basilica. It is also next to impossible not to see the Cebu City Hall, which is just a few meters away.



Cebu Provincial Capitol

If you are looking for the governor of Cebu, this is the place to go.



The First Mactan-Mandaue Bridge

The bridge was built during the term of President Ferdinand Marcos and was inaugurated on July 4, 1971.


Marcelo Fernan Bridge

The cable-stayed bridge was named after Cebuano Senator Marcelo Fernan and was constructed with the help of Japan.


Fuente Osmena

The fountain and park in the heart of Cebu City was built in honor of President Sergio Osmeña, the Philippines’ first Cebuano president.



Plaza Independencia

This tourist destination had many names. It was first known as Plaza de Armas during the Spanish occupation then was changed to Plaza Mayor.

It was then changed again to Plaza Maria Cristina upon the reign of Queen Maria Cristina.

When the Americans came, it was renamed as Plaza Libertad and finally was changed to Plaza Independencia as we it know today.



South Road Properties

According to the Cebu City government website, SRP is a mixed-use property that was declared by Philippine Economic Zone Authority as a Special Economic Zone. It was first conceptualized to support industries that are export-oriented.


What other places should be included in the second list?

Let me hear your thoughts or violent reactions below.