You Will Notice These 10 Things In Cebu Only During Holy Week

posted on: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Palm Sunday marks the official start of the Holy Week in Cebu.

Here are some activities or rituals that you will only notice during this time of the year.

And what are these things?

1. Religious icons or statues in the Roman Catholic churches will be covered in violet or purple cloth.

Even up to now, I don’t know the reason they do it.

2. The queue to the confessional is long.

Bless me Father for I have sinned……


People mostly pray in groups.

4. Lay people or lay ministers wear costumes during church activities.

Wearing costumes make the re-enactment of Jesus’ life more realistic.


5. Suddenly, your infatuation for meat seems to increase.

Blame can be attributed mostly to pork.


Oh yes! It’s because many people will fast and abstain from meat.


I am pretty sure The Ten Commandments movie will be featured.

8. Roman Catholics will place the lukay they bought on Palm Sunday on the door of their house.

As a kid, I asked my mother why the lukay is placed on our door. She said that it will protect the household from lightning and thunder.

9. On Good Friday, children and adults will be warned not to play outdoor games or keep caution in everything that they do.

You might get injured and it will be bad  because since Jesus is dead your injury might not heal as fast as it should, or at least that’s what our grandparents believed in.

10. You just can’t wait until Easter Sunday to come!

Maybe you just can’t wait to go to the beach, eat lechon or look for eggs, right?

These are the things that I notice during Holy Week.

Is there anything you can add to the list?

Make sure to send in your comments and let us know what I missed.